The Gigantic Inflatable Climbing Iceberg

I wish I had a lake outside my apartment so I could buy one of these Gigantic Inflatable Climbing Icebergs.

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  1. This makes me miss the summers as a kid, or really just summer! I want one!

  2. I want that and a pool. awesome find!

  3. So einen gibts in Steckborn am Bodensee ^^ Macht echt Spass, darauf rumzuklettern

  4. We had one of these at the camp I worked at. It’s twice as cool as what you’re thinking. Especially playing “king of the hill”.

  5. Muesch mol im Sommer bi üs uf bsuech h cho… da i de badi am zugersee heds so eine… ;-)

    … Das isch en iiladig… ;-)

  6. What??! 6,000 $ ???

  7. Does the East River count as a body of water?