99% Conference 2011: Key Insights on Idea Execution

Image: Julian Mackler / MACKME.COM

Last week’s 99% Conference was fantastic. Inspiring and insightful, as always. The folks over at Behance know what they’re doing. And now they just uploaded a massive (!) recap of the conference.

Here are some of my favorite quotes of the day:

“What gets projects done for me is not inspiration. It’s curiosity and rigor.”
– Andrew Zuckerman

“The ‘Ok Plateau’ is the point when we turn on autopilot and stop getting better at a certain thing.”
– Joshua Foer

“Geeking out is extraordinarily useful.”
– Joshua Foer

“If you find something that you feel you belong to, become a groupie and a fan, and then a critic.”
– Starlee Kine

Read the full conference recap here.