Alarm Dock

Jonas Damon’s Alarm Dock turns your iPhone into an old-school looking alarm clock. All you need is a flip clock app and you’re set. Made me smile.

(via BBlinks)

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  1. very clever design!

  2. When you purchase the “alarm clock” it actually comes included with the flip clock app.

  3. brilliant and gorgeous

  4. I have the real version. I didn’t really appreciate that it was old-school!

  5. Brilliant. Simply brilliant!

  6. Adore this, now I just have to buy an iPhone…

  7. And if it charged your phone at the same time…(since while one is sleeping, it would be a good time to do it)…perfect!

  8. @Summer,

    It has a spot for the cable to thread through, and if you look at the front without the iPhone you can see where the plug would go. So you could charge it at the same time :-)

  9. The ingenuity of man never ceases to amaze me. This really is brilliant. So obvious, so clever, so cute, but until now, an idea ‘hidden’ from the rest of us. Thats real genius.

  10. Perfect for me!
    Unfortunately shipping is rediculously expensive (I live in switzerland).

    If you hear of someone importing it over here…….

  11. This is great but I don’t think that the speaker grill on top actually has a speaker under it. If you wanted the alarm to play through a speaker it won’t work if this is all just wood. So it’s beautiful but apparently not completely useful

  12. My husband bought two of these (one for himself and one for a friend) but then found out that the connecting cable does not thread through the holes in the wood!! HELP! Does anyone know what we are doing wrong? Or did we get two defective Jonas Damon IPhone docking clocks?