Felt Mouse

I am super excited aboutJoey Roth visiting Studiomates today. I remember two years ago when Joey first mentioned his idea of a felt computer mouse. And today he brought in his first prototype. It adds such a wonderfully surprising tactile feel to the world of computers. Joey’s plan is that it will be wireless and that you’ll be able to put the entire mouse in the washing machine, if a cleaning becomes necessary. Talk about rethinking an existing product.

It’s people like Joey that I admire! A young entrepreneur with a vision and drive. You’ve seen his ceramic speakers and his teapot, right?

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  1. Nice mouse, must be smooth to work on. I would like to see how it was made !

  2. I would definitely need to try before I buy, but it’s a very interesting idea.

  3. I agree it is a very interesting concept. I just worry about the cleanability, computer mouses tend to get very dirty.

  4. I wonder if a Kickstarter appeal to buy me a set of ceramic speakers would be successful? I’ll forever be incomplete without them..

  5. If Joseph Beuys created mouse, it would look like this.

  6. If a moron created mouse, it would look like this.