The Oona

This iPhone accessory called Oona made me look. (Watch the below video.)

Until June 3rd you can fund the Oona Kickstarter project for $25 and they will send you an Oona once production has begun. After the fund date an Oona can be purchased for $30. (I absolutely love the idea of putting the iphone on a rotating eggtimer to take panorama shots.)

More info at

The Oona: Whatever You Need It to Be from Brad Leong on Vimeo.

(via better living through design)

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  1. Love it. Very tempted to invest.

  2. Looks awesome in the video but they are not offering any sort of guarantee that the suction won’t fail. On their website, they say you shouldn’t put it anywhere you wouldn’t mind it dropping but the video shows it in a lot of places from which a phone would likely break if it fell. I forsee a lot of broken phones and unhappy purchasers of this product. I think it might be a case of the an idea being better than the reality. Still, I wish them luck.

  3. I think this thing is amazing.

    I love the creativity and I love the kickstarter concept

  4. For any customers looking to purchase this in the UK Junk Skull have them for sale:

  5. I got my hands on the Oona recently. There aren’t many places that sell it in the UK that sell it besides these guys. It’s pretty good. I was a little nervous that the suction wouldn’t hold my phone well, but once you use it, you realize that it isn’t really an issue. It actually has a surprisingly strong grip, perhaps even better than some of the other smartphone stands about at the moment.

    My phone now spends it life stuck on the cupboard in my kitchen, displaying recipes for me to read whilst cooking :]