I have been a fan of Baggu for quite a while now, so I am seriously excited about their latest line of Backpacks.

Oh, and the Duck Bag is snazzy as well.

Great and affordable gift, if you ask me.

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  1. I’ve got this in nutmeg (after a serious debate between it, red, and sea), but now I love it so much I may just have to get the other two.

    It’s as utilitarian as it is cute. And so far, quite durable – holds my laptop and the piles of junk I carry around daily.

  2. i’ve been on a relentless search for a good canvas backpack and i think i just found my match!

    thanks for posting this.

  3. These are awesome. Great look and idea for yourself or for a gift

  4. The design is so fantastic. Less is more, so simple but so charming. Thanks for sharing :) !

  5. I love bags a lot and baggu has it’s own trend. looks comfortable to it.

  6. Perfect for anything even my soccer gear, absolutely love it.