Hookeychain Magnet

It’s a keychain. It’s a magnet. It’s a hook. I like it.

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  1. Definitely like!

  2. probably your usb key don’t like it in your pocket :-)

  3. Forget the magnet – what’s the small cable that attaches it to the keys called? I’ve been looking for one of those but I don’t know what to call it.

  4. super sleek looking and functional. awesome!
    bought one already.

  5. Somehow, I can’t see it as a good idea to be throwing a magnet in my purse, along with my phone, iPod, electronic car keys… Yikes.

  6. If it was also a torch, then you’d really be on to something! :-)

  7. It’s got to be a pretty strong magnet to act as a hook – I wouldn’t want that close to all the things in my purse that could be scrambled by a magnet!

  8. Yes, I use to have one of this small magnets to do some silly tricks. The best trick was, “I cant read your credit cards”. Not nice

  9. Lovely, but don’t you need metal walls?

  10. Just keep it away from your credit cards!!

  11. I love “Green Smoke” the very best one up to now.
    after Dealing with atleast Half a dozen different types, We kept having troubles with either the battery passing away
    to shortly, or leakages in the catrages. Not forgetting, you could never
    determine what the problem has been with the Several pieces,
    therefore i probly wand up throughing out kinds that were still good, but not