Travel Tools Keys

Last night, once again, I was searching for a screwdriver to put batteries in our brand-new Bubbles Machine. As we just recently moved and only unpacked 1/4th of all our boxes, finding a screwdriver was a tough undertaking. If only I would have had the Travel Tools Keys. Any reader with kids can most probably confirm that as a parent you constantly are looking for a screwdriver to exchange batteries in kids’ toys. Am I right?

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  1. Having carried these on my keyring for a while (A simple #1 flathead and #2 phillips), I’ve now converted to carrying the swiss-tech utili-key. While still having a small phillips (and two sizes of flathead), it has many other little neat features also, and doesn’t take up as much room in your pocket. For around $5-7 you can’t go wrong.

  2. I wish they were colored. Maybe RED and BLUE. I need to easily distinguish between my keys.

  3. That Phillips looks a bit large to open the battery compartment in most of my daughter’s toys.

  4. I have a set of these tools on my key chain, and I’ve had them for years! I love them and they come in handy so much more than you’d think. I’ve used them for toys, light plates, and lots of other random things.

  5. nice… just don’t forget to remove them before you to the airport.

    Having had many surf board screwdrivers confiscated at airport security I can only imagine they would have a field day with this.

  6. Just a thought: unpack your clothes first, and then your tools, so you can be dressed while installing things after you move. And your kids´ toys.
    There is also this one:–Tools–Gear.html

  7. I had a similar, Snapon brand, flathead key on my keychain for about 25 years. A couple years ago it got confiscated while going thru security at the airport. Funny thing is I must have taken it on 150 flights prior to it being confiscated. Boy I miss that crewdiver

  8. What a great idea. Handy to keep with you. Often I have needed a screwdriver when away from home