Genetic Portraits

The Genetic Portraits project by photographer Ulric Colette has me mesmerized. It looks at the resemblance between family members. Instead of showing the images side by side, he masterfully fused them into one. Hat tip!

(via RonOrp. Thank you Sis)

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  1. Love how if you hold your finger in front of the photo at the right distance it blocks half the photo for one eye, and the other half for the other eye…swap eyes and you can see the difference between each person individually :-)

  2. Art imitating art. Conan’s “If They Mated” redeux.

  3. they’ve been ‘shopped

  4. wrong embedded vid?

  5. These photos are great at first glance they appear as the before and after metamorphosis of an aging person… another perspective is that these are the genetic images of before and after of plastic surgery

  6. This is a new and interesting art form. Very creative; besides the mother (with the rhombus shaped earring is absolutely stunning) Would love to see the raw photos from which these were made.