Gimme Bar

My studiomate Cameron and his FictiveKin crew have been cooking up a fantastic new service and they didn’t let me write about until today! Now, talk about torturing a blogger!

Gimme Bar is the name of their brilliant visual booksaving service. Yes, you read right, I said visual bookSAVING, not visual bookmarking. Whenever you ‘gimme bar’ a photo/website/recipe/text you save the item. Literally. How? You well, by saving it to your Gimme Bar page and by saving it to your Dropbox account. You gimmie something and boom, it’s not only on your Gimmie Bar account but also on your hard drive.

Gimme Bar‘s interface is clean and a pleasure to use. It lets you organize your findings in collections, easily follow what your friend’s collections and add their content to yours, all with just a few clicks.

Gimme Bar is still in private Beta but they are opening it up for 3 days for my swissmiss readers, starting today. Take advantage of this and sign up *now*. They’ll close it up again thursday night!

Not sure yet why Gimme Bar is better than other seemingly similar services? Well, watch the demo below and you’ll be in the know. Sign up is opening up for three days only!

ps: It’s Cameron’s birthday today! Let’s make it a good one and share that GimmeBar Goodness!

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  1. YES YES YES! Such a great product. Can’t wait to see the world using GimmeBar.

  2. Gimmebar is an awesome idea, I use it all the time now!

  3. The great thing about gimmebar is it will archive all forms of digital data. No more depending on url structures staying the same for your already unorganized bookmarks. For me it’s definitely become an essential tool for gathering and archiving.

  4. Just signed up! Let’s see…

  5. Neat! hmmmm, I wonder how this can be a productivity tool at the office……..

  6. Using it! Instant new fave. #yay

  7. I will definitely use this! Exactly the data-saving tool I was hoping/looking/expecting for. Thank you! :)

  8. I am in love with this! Not a lot of work about to happen!

  9. Smells like constant copyright infringement to me. How can they seriously save all the original files?

  10. How is this different from Pinterest?

  11. I’m with @Peer. It comes across as an app that makes it easy to steal the actual content that anyone posts to the internet. If for some reason it isn’t that, then their video needs a little bit of a re-work.

  12. Just signed up- I’m excited to start using it!

    I felt like it was worth mentioning(since it’s in Beta) that the form where you are supposed to input username, email, and password wasn’t labeled or defined- I had to guess what information was requested and which box to put it in. If it matters, I’m using Firefox3.6.2 & OSX 10.6.8. Maybe pass it along to Cameron?

  13. Really a cool tool but as @peer mentioned, keeping a copy of the content is definitely a copyright infringement.

  14. looks great, but why did they chose to chop off some of my vertical space when I have so mutch space on the sides? with widering screens I need bettrer use for my horizontal space.

  15. Great but I Couldn’t drag the bookmarklet to the bookmarkbar in chrome.

  16. What’s the difference between using the bookmarklet and installing the Gimme bar? Don’t like the way that if I install the Gimmebar it can access my data on all websites & my tabs and browsing activity.

  17. Started using it yesterday, literally can’t stop! Aesthetically and organizationally pleasing. Sharing it with everyone I know.

  18. please dont let them close it down!

  19. – bookmarklet isn’t working in chrome
    – couldn’t tell if gimmebar gives full credit to all artists or links back to original source (best example of where that doesn’t work: tumblr) that are “gimmied” because i’m on chrome and i don’t want them to access my data and browsing history by installing the extension

    hope to see improvements!

  20. This is going to make life a little easier! Thanks.

  21. Just signed up–LOVE IT!

  22. I don’t want people using this on my site – its just encouraging (even more) theft. Is there a way for me to block or disable it when people access my site?

  23. I LOVE Co-Design and I love the Gimm Bar – help – how do I get it?

  24. Alright people you need to stop freaking out.

    This service is just like bookmarking on steroids (with automatic backups to dropbox). It automatically picks up on the source of all the content you save which in a way makes it less likely for the whole ‘stealing’ stuff to go on.

    The only thing this service will mean is more traffic to your site if something gets bookmarked.

    One thing I have to say though it that it very, very similar to zoo-tool but has a cleaner/more intuitive interface.

    Already send loads of feedback to them and really enjoying the program so far!

  25. What about DROPMARK?
    Is this project the same?

  26. This seems a lot like Evernote’s webclipping tool (but nicer! :)

  27. i really like it! i hope it gets enough users to keep it going, because i LOVE that you have the option to keep things private (unlike pinterest) thank you for sharing and promoting!