Amit Gupta Needs You

I mentioned Amit Gupta‘s search for a bone marrow match last week. Now, David Cole and Tag Savage put together a site that will help you figure out how you can help.

In case you’re afraid of becoming a potential donor, you should know, that modern bone marrow donations are done with a process similar to blood donation It’s painless, but boring. Head over to and do your part. I am registered.

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  1. In the UK head here to register as a donor :

  2. Many of the International Marrow Donor Registries share potential donor lists for possible patient matching. The U.K. and U.S. registries certainly do this.

    If one does register, remember that it is really a long-term commitment to be available for future individuals who need this treatment. Essentially you would be registering for people just like Amit.

    It is actually a match of adult stem cells that is important, not the bone marrow per se, bone marrow is the source of adult stem cells. The donation process involves harvesting these stem cells to be transferred to the patient. Becoming a potential donor involves submitting a swap (or blood sample) so that a small portion of DNA can be analyzed to determine the genetic signature for stem cell matching. This is also why matches are highly dependent upon ancestry.