MUJI Touchscreen Gloves

These MUJI gloves come with conductive material interwoven into the thumb and forefinger so you can operate your device without subjecting your bare hands to the cold! YES!

(via spoon-tamago)


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  1. You can use any gloves, just lick the fingertips!

    I bought a pair of these conductive gloves last year, but they didn’t fit great, and fell apart. Maybe I’ll pop into Muji and try these on, assuming they sell them in stores.

  2. This will definitely be necessary with all the cold weather that’s already arrived. Great idea, very convenient.

  3. Selling them at Target too for $9.99 in a range of colors. grabbed a red pair when I was grabbing halloween candy

  4. I just ordered some Agloves. I hope they will work :)

  5. I just got my pair – and they’re awesome. Warm and in my iPhone!

  6. This is the first time that i heard of this type of gloves. I think it would be so good to use on a touchscreen here. I see this being so big in the future here. Keeps your screen clean. Trade Show Displays Toronto