I am seriously loving the concept of Roundtable. Read in on smart folks having conversations on topics like Future of Blogging, Entrepreneurship and Startup Funding. Oh, you can apply to become a member and participate if you think you can add value to the conversation.

Not sure who’s behind Roundtable but I am liking the concept.

(via Amrit Richmond)

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  1. We are truly honored to have your stamp of approval. Thank you!

    Check out our conversation on “Designing for Startups” – – and please touch base if you would be interested in participating in one of our conversations: [email protected]

    – Josh, Hursh and Cemre (the Roundtable team)

  2. Wonderful concept! What is the selection process like? How do you filter the conversations? We’d like to sign up!

  3. I also wasn’t sure who was behind it. When I e-mailed [email protected] they were not willing to say, they seem to be in some kind of stealth mode. They are listed on but it does not really provide any background.