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I use Instagram daily on my iphone and love it. I just wish the content wasn’t as trapped. I was seriously excited when my studiomate Rusty just told me about the site called (Let’s just hope I am not killing their servers now)

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  1. Instadesk is a nice app for browsing instagram on your desktop.

  2. And I love this fabulous way to share your library :D

  3. and don’t forget ;-)

  4. Thanks for the blog post!

    If anyone is wondering why a number of the images have Moustaches on, Search Instagram is also currently running a promotion for #Movember by automatically adding Mo’s to any image using facial recognition software!

  5. I finally just joined Instagram, and I’ve been disappointed that I couldn’t search. Perfect timing for this blog post! Thanks!

  6. You can also have a beautiful iphone case!

  7. I have wanted someone to do a round up on all of these. I have signed up for 4 of them. I still don’t know which one is best or if there is something better out there.

  8. I love Instagram but I had the same feelings as you. Thank you for sharing this site. Perfect for computer use and searching/ finding great Instagram shots.

  9. The best search instagram is Findgram!