Typo St.Gallen (Conference)

I am thrilled to be speaking at a small conference near my hometown in Switzerland on saturday november 19th. Typo St.Gallen is focusing on typographic topics and asks the question if there’s still such a thing is typical Swiss typography. If you live close to St.Gallen, consider getting a ticket, there’s only a few left. You should know though that the conference will be held in German. (not sure how that will work out, me presenting in German, should be interesting)

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  1. So you’re in Switzerland in november? for how long? Can you contact me. Me and Nicole tried to reach you by email without succes. Bises

  2. Just say “Chuchichäschtli” a lot and you will be fine. :-)

  3. I’m really looking forward to see you in St. Gallen!

  4. I found this intersting because St Gallen is the birth place of my grandmother. Hope it goes well for you.

  5. Wow this is intersting Richard, where are you living?

  6. I agree with the comments you made.

  7. I live in St. Gallen. And I’d love to attend this Conference… but the fee is a bit too much for my taste… maybe organize a little hangout?

  8. Hi Marco, oh that’s really a pitty. Food is included (1 dinner, 2 evening meals). But you could come to the Vernissage of Jost Hochuli, friday evening 7 p.m.

  9. Hi Roland: This sounds really promising. I know that it is not a too high prize for what you get. But I’m not working in this business but merely interested in design and typography.
    I’d be happy to join for the vernissage, for sure!

  10. Marco have you seen that, you can win a ticket: