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A big thank you to Playful Learning for sponsoring this week’s RSS feed!

Playful Learning Spaces is a six-week online course that is designed by educator Mariah Bruehl to guide parents and teachers through the process of designing thoughtful spaces for children.

Throughout the course, participants will explore and share ideas for creating areas that invite children to engage in reading, writing, science, art, and more. Organization, storage, and selecting materials for different ages and stages of child development will also be discussed.

Each week, participants will receive a video that contains basic educational principles, simple guidelines, and helpful photos. You will also receive weekly assignments and links to relevant research, products, and inspiration. As a community, participants will have the opportunity to look at the spaces they create for their children, tackle overdue projects, post before and after photos, and receive practical feedback and support.

Mariah Bruehl is the founder of the website and newly released book, Playful Learning.

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