Double Dish

Finally, a unique solution to that age old problem of what to do with the pit after the olive has been consumed. Yay for the Double Dish.

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  1. Age old problem?! You’re not Portuguese, are you??

  2. This would also be a good solution for edamame.

  3. In portugal we have to dishes – one for the olives, and another one for what is left. But this is indeed a good & elegant solution!

  4. ALso absolutley brilliant for pistachios!

  5. No we don’t, Lucas, in Portugal we have this exact same system for centuries, this is not a new idea. Here’s some images:

    It’s called an Azeitoneira.

  6. clever solution

  7. (I don’t even know if I should right in portuguese or not!
    Anyway, I’ll stick to english!)

    I never saw those!!! But they are definitely amazing! (I knew the second one but the first is a great design indeed)

    Obrigado Francisco! Um dia hei-de comprar um desses :)

  8. yes! very nice!
    great for pistachios too!

  9. Very cool – like the way the collection bowl is deep enough to collect lots of pits or shells.