Wow. Hardgraft’s bags and iPad cases had me stop in my tracks today. Thank you Justin for sending them my way!

(What a pretty site but impossible to download images. Bummer)

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  1. Chrome web developer toolbar > View image information — super easy way to grab images, even if they’re background/covered.

  2. Formerly known as Working Class Heroes whom you were previously a big fan of :) http://www.swiss-miss.com/2007/11/etsy-find-of-th.html This is the grown up rebranded iteration of the company post Etsy beginning.

  3. The folks at Hardgraft are worth following on Instagr.am and twitter for great photos and new products as well. I have no relationship with the company but I’m a huge fan of their products. Functionality and beautiful, sensually pleasing materials in each product.

  4. FF and Safari Dev mode of just look at the source code. Seriously, you work with designers and coders and don’t know this? A bit embarrassing to admit don’t you think?


  5. @not swiss: Leaving a critical comment is totally cool, but please don’t do it anonymously. That’s just lame.

    Also, my comment regarding not being able to download images: Yes, I know about looking at the source code, but you know what, there are THOUSANDS of wonderful bloggers out there that don’t. When you run an e-commerce site you need to make it easy for people to grab images. This has been a long time gripe I am having with e-commerce sites. I used to criticize MoMAstore.org, because it was impossible to download a photo of their products. They have since updated their site and its fantastic! Also, I keep blogging about their products way more.

  6. Super nice wares, but frightfully expensive. Materials and construction, as well as the website looks nice as well.

  7. and they are from austria … as i am.
    makes me proud.

  8. Glad to be of service to a great blog!

  9. All the products look very nicely done. Anybody have a link to user reviews? I will try to hunt one down……..

  10. Hard Graft is an amazing company! I’ve been a long time fan, and have had the pleasure to visit them at their Headquarters recently. Amazingly inspiring studio!

  11. @Robert: You were allowed to visit them?

    Friend of mine wanted to buy one of their most expensive products, but wasn’t allowed to visit them and take a look before buying – although he lives 2 blocks away. He had to order through the website and pay for shipment (remember, it would have taken him 5 minutes to grab his stuff), which took quite a while.

    As it turns out he didn’t like the bag too much (stunning leather quality, but the bag just didn’t suit his needs) and had to, you guessed it, send it back using the Austrian postal service.

    That’s the customer service I expect from a company that’s selling products worth half a month’s income …

  12. I was able to right-click > View Image / Save Image / etc in Chrome:


    But yeah, I use the developer tools if needed in other cases :-)

  13. @dorian_grey well, i applied for a job and had the interview there..
    that sounds quite unnecessarily complicated. though, if i’m not mistaken, i think they had a check-out option “pick up yourself” a while ago… maybe in future they will allow local customers to view products before purchase…