Make Your Own Fabric

Did you know you can design and produce your own fabric? It’s affordable and there is no minimum order required! Spoonflower makes it possible.

(Thank you Jodi)

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  1. Just want to say that I used this service last year. Had custom fabric made for pillows for an event and the product was great and customer service was top notch. Worth it to order a swatch to be sure you are getting what you want.

  2. gosh, I have been onto this for more than a year, and I’m sure they have going for a long time before that! I love, it’s great you can browse so many great designs, and if you see something you’d like in another colour, it’s easy to contact the designer and get your perfect match.

  3. I used it 2 months ago for the first time and i was more than happy. It is great that you can order a sample of all the kind of fabrics that they print on for just 1$!

  4. This is fantastic, and so affordable! Thanks for sharing.

  5. i am trying to find something that doesn’t exist unfortunately…i looked into spoonflower (and actually do not think its super “affordable” but that’s besides the point) i want a flannel fabric made but they do not offer anything even close…any suggestions?
    the stuff they offer & the editing software is really cool & i was happy with the designing side of spoonflower i just wish they had the type of fabric i am wanting so any pointers would be great.

  6. Am starting a new venture and looking for a specific type of fabric – was very excited when I came across spoon flower ;and can definitely see me using them in the future for a different project) but if anyone knows of anywhere else to order custom designed fabrics I would appreciate it.


  7. I am doing the same looking for something that i think isnt even in stores.. i heard there is a place in pennsylvania that does this

  8. Just to clarify. Spoonflower does not make custom fabric. They print your design on a fabric they have in stock. These are two different concepts.

  9. I am not also sure i recognize exactly what transactions you’re making, but you have got a
    reasonable point pertaining to design