Seppl | Esspresso Maker

This porcelain espresso maker called Seppl (chuckle) made me look. Seppl attaches to the wall which helps keep the work space open, ideal for small NYC kitchens. Quite a beautiful apparatus, no? Designed by Arvid Haeusser.

(Wish we could get one to try it here at
Café Jonnie
, our coffee cafe run by studiomate Jonnie.)

(Thank you Peter)

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  1. What a beautiful piece!

  2. Why are these things never for sale? Definitely need this.

  3. That is seriously high tech but I like how it attaches to the wall. If my fiance saw that, he’d go nuts as a coffee snob!

  4. as a coffee snob, i went nuts for this. (no relation of sarah’s)

  5. Another great example of Swiss design: classy and convenient!

  6. you chuckle at seppl?

  7. mmm. It is an interesting concept. It has a simple and soft appeal but still looks like a serious espresso machine. Glass would have been a mistake as it would have taken over the persona of a laboratory instrument.Wood as a base gives it a certain appeal. It’s longevity as a “wet area” instrument would have some concern in our humble opinion. As with most designs there are influences from the past..This machine has a nice combination of historical spices added to the ingredients of its design. A medley of other historical machines can be seen from the boiler (La peppina by Fe-ar) to the Drip tray and wall mounted option (faema Velox).

    All in all I am impressed with the design and an curious to how well a shot it produces…
    How would this go as a lever machine and if this has a vibe pump how would those vibrations eventually effect the porcelain?