Albatros Bookmarks

The Albatros is a new kind of bookmark that follows your reading. No need to remember the page number, each time you turn one, it inserts itself at the right place. The Albatros bookmarks have been invented and developed by Oscar Lhermitte and are made in France. Pre-order them here.

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  1. Very nice. I think the constant movement of it might be distracting, but I would like to play with it.

    Could the dust not jacket do the same job there?

  2. This is brilliant! How many times have I accidentally closed a book and lost my place…. How clever.

  3. supercool! Bin grad Fan! Der ewige Ärger mit den verschwundenen Seiten hat ein Ende gefunden… Bravo!

  4. Just pre-ordered. Thanks.

  5. Cool concept. I can see them NOT working so well at the beginning and end of larger books, just by virtue of their shape. Still – smart design!

  6. Clever, clever – would make a great gift for my bookworm friends! :)

  7. Great idea! But are they obsolete after one read?

  8. What a cool idea!

  9. This is missing the black and white video that shows a distraught person fumbling around and losing their place with a normal bookmark. ;-)

  10. Very cool, but go to ETSY and look at bookmarks there…there is one that when the book is closed on it, it looks like the wicked witch’s feet in the ruby slippers sticking out from the book. I always choose fun over function!

  11. I like it! I would always prefer any type of bookmark over the usual kleenex, target cothing tag or hair tie that usually ends up inside the pages of my books!

  12. What a genius idea! Thank you for sharing.


  14. In case there are any Canadians looking for the Albatros Bookmark, I have them in my online shop! I am actually not sure if they are available in the US either, so…come on over, book lovers! These make the perfect stocking stuffer as well, if anyone has gift giving on their minds…