I have just fallen in love with Beast Pillow no.164. I dare you not to smile while looking at this little fellow.

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  1. i have fallen in love with it to :)

  2. Haha, he is too cute. He reminds me of an old Nickelodeon show. (!!!_Real_Monsters)

  3. My daughter will love it, thanks for the tip!

  4. It looks like a transitional object my nephew once had. He was 3 yrs old and dragged it everywear …even to the beach. so it was quite beaten up.

    And people would always comment “wow…whats is that THING he has in his hands”.
    He would smile and say “This is my Bumba”

  5. You are totally right, I had to smile the moment I saw that cute “pillowmonster”…

  6. oh come on, it,s already sold out :(
    it,s so cute !

  7. Ooh I want it. He’s beautiful.

  8. This could be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! :)

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