Coffee Machine Museum

This Coffee Machine Museum is pure gold.

(via present and correct)

Artfully Wear

I appreciate Ariel Adkins and her Instagram account. So simple. So delightful. I am into it.

Screwdriver Ring

Simone Giertz, who is known for her absurd machines like this one, started an online store with fun products. I love the Screwdriver ring.

Trash Embroidery

Trash embroidery by Swedish artist William WK. Lovely.

Can Sneakers Make You Happy?

These sneakers would qualify for what my team member Annie calls Dopamine Dressing. I love them. They won my heart. Wishlisted!

How To Pick Up A Duck

Plant Trellis

These are some cool looking Plant Trellis.

Really Bad Portraits

An instagram account dedicated to really bad portraits of random people. Refreshing.

A Simple Fact That Blows Your Mind

This Thread is wonderful. Worth a click through and browse.

Vladimir Dog Coat

This rainbow dog raincoat by Stutterheim is making my heart so happy.

Tax The Rich

and have a nice day.

Macon & Lesquoy Patches

I chuckled upon discovering these colorful patches by Macon & Lesquoy at the tradeshow this last weekend.

Bread Hat and Loafers

I like Nicole McLaughlin‘s take on how to keep warm in winter.

Pizza Compass

I was just reminded that the Pizza Compass App exists. Not new, but still awesome.

What is Inside a Pen?

This what’s inside a pen illustration made me giggle. By the talented Mattias Adolfson.

Emojy To Scale

This Emoji to Scale site is delightfully silly.

Heritage Apples

Tom Brown has spent most of his retirement tracking down all-but-extinct apple varieties that once thrived throughout Appalachia, US. I want to be like Tom when I grow up.


I approve this statement.

Busy Simulator

OMG! The Busy Simulator made me laugh. But then also cringe. Try it.

(via Chris)

What Makes People Look Like Their Pets?

Illustration by Mark Alan Stamaty

This article on What Makes People Look Like Their Pets? by Jesse Bering made me chuckle.

Custom Face Stickers

I love idea of making custom face stickers.

The Art of Disappearing

Really enjoying it starting 1:19.

I Want To Live

“I want to live
the rest of my life,
however long or short,
with as much sweetness
as I can decently manage,
loving all the people I love,
and doing as much as I can
of the work I still have to do.
I am going to write fire
until it comes out of my ears,
my eyes, my noseholes-everywhere.
Until it’s every breath I breathe.
I’m going to go out like a fucking meteor!”
– Audre Lourde


Peculiar Looking Candles

Enamored with these peculiar looking candles by Piera Bochner. Brooklyn made!