Where Are My Chickens?

I don’t have chickens, gut the sheer existence of this egg-pocket-apron makes me want to have chickens. It helps you collect the eggs in the chicken coop.

Animals Interrupting Wildlife Photographers

These photos of animals interrupting wildlife photographers made me smile. So stinking adorable.

(via Chris)

Old Concept Cars

This archive of old concept cars is pure delight! I love you, internet! (If only it didn’t feature all those ads. Ugh)


Squirrel Ninja Obstacle Course

My son Tilo (10) just shared this delightful Squirrel Ninja video with me. 20 minutes well spent.


Love this. Thank you John Wood and Paul Harrison.


Embracing It All

Thank you Adam J.K. Yes, we’re singing more.

Building A Secret Cabin

There is something really lovely and wholesome about this.


The Chapters of Your Life

I love Chris Glass. A thoughtful, kind, creative human being.

Rainbow Roller Skates

Be still my heart!

Blob Opera

Ok, now, this is delightful. Thanks for making me smile, Blob Opera.

“Ich will hier nur sitzen”

For my German speaking followers: I just remembered this gem from Loriot. So delightful. Weirdly appropriate for 2020.

Gloves / Arm Warmers

These. Are. Cool.

For The Longest Time (Quarantine Edition)

This gave me goosebumps. The guy getting his hair shaved while singing is a total boss!

(Thank you Libby!)

Butter Ornament

OMG! I want a tree entirely covered in these Butter Ornaments.

(I love Butter. So much, I have an oil painting of a stick of butter in my home!)

Tiger Swiss Shoes

Whoa, blast from the past: I had a pair of these as a little kiddo growing up in Switzerland. Anyone with me here?

Tattly Furry Friends Sheet

This new Tattly Furry Friends Sheet by Brooklyn based illustrator Kevin Waldron is making me happy.


The magnetic Tasha Blank is hosting a virtual dance party to #DanceTheVote on Thursday October 29th, 8pm ET! I’ll be there! Join me? Registration is free and everyone is welcome!

Halloween 2020 Humor

This made me laugh.

David Whyte reads “Everything Is Waiting for You”

The Keep Going Song

I needed this today.

Mercury’s Retrograde

This is beautifully absurd: A millennial is looking for her magic 8 ball inside her unconsciousness.

(via The Curious Brain)

Swim Wild

(Via Alastair)

Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie

Not new, but worth rewatching. Her Morning Elegance, by Oren Lavie.

Out of Season Chairlift Structures

A collection of out of season chairlift structures, by Daniel Bushaway.