Cable Guys

These little cable label guys are here to help you sort your various cordage. Something as dry as a cable salad (Kabelsalat, as we call it in German) can definitely use some humor. Get them here.

(via shoeboxdwelling)

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  1. I thought it was Cable Spaghetti? Either way.

  2. LOL Great looking product.

  3. Thanks for sharing, just saw this on Pinterest!

  4. This is amazing. You have great taste!

  5. This is brilliant! I love these little guys so much!

  6. Love this! Awesome sense of humour.

  7. I need these, I’m all in tangles!

  8. Amazing Idea! These cable markers are very lovely. Do you have more designs like this one?

  9. Wow!! I love your great and good looking ideas. It is the unique way to give a mark to the cable. Thank you so much for sharing.