Just re-launched: Collabfinder

My friend Saha just relaunched Collabfiner, a site that makes it easy to find a collaborator for your next big project. What makes it different is that no recruiters or business-types are allowed.

Use Collabfinder to find people interested in building the sames things you are: A programmer to help you with the education startup you’ve been thinking about. Or illustrators who might want to help you write your new kids book. Or chat with designers who are interested in working on a magazine project.

Want to do a new startup? Tag yourself with “Summer Camp,” “Techstars,” or “Y Combinator” and get pitched by smarties like you. Want to work on an mobile app about comic books? Tag yourself with “comics” and “mobile app.” Easy.

Congrats Saha and Team. This is fantastic!

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  1. Fantastic site. I can certainly see myself using this in future. Thanks for sharing, Tina.

  2. Does it work? every link leads to a dead end for me at least. Tried signing up using FB, authentication not going through.

  3. Great idea. Would be better if it actually worked.

  4. @Ram sorry to hear that! We’re working on a few signup bugs and it will be working again asap. Try refreshing the page and using the signup form in the left column of the page?

    If you have any other issues you can email me at [email protected]

  5. Great!

  6. The site looks great and it worked fine for me…I just signed up!

  7. hey tina, *collabfinder (first line) small spello :)

  8. What a shame it uses FB!

    I’ll check back again in a few months to see if they’ve improved the signup process.

    *adds todo*

  9. I agree it’s a shame they only use FB to sign up – especially when LinkedIn would have made more sense. I don’t use FB to promote my business.