This Optimist Tumbler is happiness in a cup.

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  1. Love your beautiful, simple optimism.
    Very nice.

  2. I feel compelled to share my recent blog post illustrating the glass half full/empty debate – it features a cloud if that helps :)


  3. Clever, charming… I wonder if there’s a coin-jar version of this…
    But, it would be a super bummer is this thing fell and broke though …

  4. Shalin…


  5. If you find your glass is always half full/empty, you need a smaller/larger cup. Just sayin’.

  6. @David – thank you, thank you! Haha! But for real…existentially, what would it mean!?!? :-P

  7. I need to get this so I can remember to STOP being pessimistic! Half full written inside is so adorable.