TYPOSF Livestream Today

I have the huge, crazy honor to open the TYPOSF conference at 10am, here in San Francisco today. I was told that they are going to livestream some of the talks, and mine is one of them. YAY! Here’s the link where the live stream will be.

You can also watch: Khoi Vinh at 2pm, Joshua Davis at 6pm and Mike Monteiro’s talk tomorrow, friday, at 6pm. Remember, this is all on west coast time! Here’s a timezone converter if you’re not sure what time that will be where you are in the world.

Typotalks livestream

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  1. I really enjoyed your talk, very inspiring! However, I unfortunately missed some parts. Will a recorded video be available?

  2. At the conference, we were told every talk would be recorded and would be available (because so many of us, after paying several hundred dollars to attend, couldn’t get into the talks we wanted to hear).

    When will that happen?