Can’t Live Without:

This toothbrush by Philips, called Sonicare, is on my list of things/products that I can’t live without. (Yes, of course I can, if I had to, but you know what I mean.) I owe this discovery to my studiomate Bekka. Try it and you’ll see.

And with this post I kicked off a new category called “Can’t Live Without”

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  1. That’s nice! Here I am, another Swiss Miss and a big fan of Sonicare!! If you ask me it’s the best toothbrush ever and I tried quite a lot of them. Too bad that while traveling in Asia I could not find replacement toothbrushes. So if you ever go to Asia think of taking enough Sonicare brushes with you.

  2. oh, love the idea for this series. i do hope it’s not *just* product placement, though.

  3. I have one too and I LOVE it. My teeth feel so clean. I can’t go back to manual brushing now that I know how my teeth should and can feel.

  4. I used to have that brush, but I saw this and had to upgrade: It’s absolutely the most beautiful toothbrush I’ve ever seen. Every time I use it it makes me smile (:

  5. Wow…you have me so curious Ninakix! I actually half wish my tooth brush would peter out so I have a reason to upgrade.

  6. You get used to it very fast… The secret is to switch every 3 month between the Sonicare and… you will like them :-)… this one:

  7. I own this brush as well, and I LOVE it. But prior to it I owned a Braun – that I thought did a better job at getting at every corner and polishing my teeth. Just my humble opinion. I am used to this one now, but when I switched I wanted my older toothbrush back…

  8. So true!! I love my sonicare!! I’ve also got a lot of my friends hooked on it. and I have had perfect dentist visits since I started using it 3 years ago. :) love love love

  9. I have had this toothbrush and 1 other version over a 10 year period. I love this brand and swear by the improvement they have made in my oral health since using them.

    I have recommended these to friends who have struggled with repeated bad oral exams, and no improvement using conventional brushes and floss. With this brush their oral care improved immediately and they even stopped losing teeth, conquered gingivitis and were able to go back to 1 exam a year.

    I know I sound like an ad, but this product really works. Of course it is not fool proof. You actually have to brush and floss 2 to 3 times a day. If you at least do this, because this brush makes it so easy, you are miles ahead. And your oral hygienist will notice the difference right away.

    Please share this with your friends, they will enjoy them and will have better health to boot. It is very easy for the whole family to share this system by simply changing the heads for each person. They are color coded too. Best of health to all.

    PS – the DiamondClean version is BEAUTIFUL!