Don’t Fear The Internet

You’ve probably seen Jessica Hische’s and Russ Maschmeyer’s site Don’t Fear The Internet before. But just in case you haven’t, trust me, you should pay a visit.

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  1. It really bothers me that the header (don’t…internet) is a teeny bit narrower than the text blocks and the rest. Really really bothers me. First thing I noticed. Second thing- they actually mention web typography, lol
    That’s it, two years in design school is really too much….

  2. Ok, now I see that in chrome and IE (as opposed to the preview image) it’s divided into ‘DON’T FEAR the’ and ‘INTERNET’.
    This seems somehow worse. Including the ‘BASIC HTML & CSS for NON-WEB DESIGNERS’ and ‘by Jessica Hische & Russ Maschmeyer’, there are four lines of varying width. Where’s the grid?
    Is it based on my screen resolution? :(