Gabi claims to have reinvented the way we use Facebook. The iPhone app lets you visualize and interact with the social network giant. Gabi filters your content according to what’s popular, controversial, and relevant to you. Instead of displaying everything in your news feed, it only shows you what’s best: the best pictures, videos, statuses, groups, links, interests, etc. I’ll give it whirl, currently downloading.

(via @johnsonTBO)

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  1. and the results are….???

  2. or should say – so, what are your thoughts after downloading?

  3. I agree that the current Facebook app is not very user friendly. However changing the Facebook app dramatically to something unrecognizable can be really scary for some users. I’m always afraid, even on the current app, that I’m going to click ‘like’ on something I do not like or friend someone I didn’t mean to. Social suicide? Something completely new, like Gabi, could increase these fears even more. On a positive note though, I think the design of Gabi is a lot better than many of the social media apps out there. It almost reminds me of Flipboard a little. Which reminds me – what about Flipboard’s Facebook integration, is it enough?

    Co.Design’s blog also had an interesting article about this new app: