Tarpaulin Rolling Luggage

I own this little Tarpaulin Rolling Luggage and absolutely love it. It’s the perfect size for a 2-3 day trip, and small enough to fit in the overhead bin in the airplane. I am all for not checking bags. Get it on sale at The Container Store.

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  1. I’m all for not being able to carry scissors, lighters, shampoo and perfumes in a plane :(

  2. Tom Bihn makes amazing luggage that is carry-on.

  3. Unfortunately the only review posted about this product on the Container Store site is more negative than positive. I guess if you buy it online you can’t check the stitching before buying. Pity that, the concept sounded promising!

  4. @this is lemonade. That’s a shame. I just submitted a comment myself. Which makes this my first ever product review. Ha.