I just signed up for Sanebox, which aims to fix email overload. It moves unimportant email out of your Inbox into the SaneLater folder to stop unwanted interruptions, like a fabulous secretary that doesn’t allow just anyone to bother you in your office. Some of the features that convinced me to sign up are the SaneBlackHole, and the fact that you can defer emails.

I am strangely hopeful that SaneBox will deliver much needed sanity for my inbox. Want to try it yourself? Use this invitation code.

(via Mashable)

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  1. So then Ms. Miss, how is the sane box working for you? I don’t like the idea of YET another pay by the month service/app/thing, but I would like to hate my email less.

  2. @Evan, I agree with not wanting to pay for one more thing, BUT it has helped tremendously. I think though, if you’re a pro Gmail user, you can set up all the rules yourself to have the emails not hit your inbox. I’ll continue using it for a while.

  3. Thanks for the info Tina. I respect your quest for more email control and am thankful for all the resources and articles you provide in that direction. It’s so hard to be a creative and manage the overwhelming amount of email that we deal with these days. Your efforts are appreciated!

  4. @Evan, I am glad it’s helpful. One commenter today, on the most recent email post has quite a different point of view! ;)