Pocket Solar Charger

Going somewhere where you won’t find any outlets? This pocket solar charger (site is in German) might come to the resque. Nifty.

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  1. time to charge in the sun: 16 to 20 hours … ;-)

  2. I own this solar charger and could not recommend it.
    Its only useful as an second batterie. Loaded via USB you can fully load your iPhone once. The estimated reload time on the sun (16 – 20 hours) isnt near the reality.

    So i would recommend that you go for a charger with a larger solar cell.

  3. That’s wonderful. I like the idea….

    and yet, the iPhjone will stop charging if it gets too hot. Which happens here in San Diego after 15 minutes in the sun. No bueno!!!

    Would love to see another one with a more functional design; larger solar panel as Cornel says and a little lead cord to hide the iPhone in the shade!!

  4. its too easy and very simple gadget for charging phones :)

  5. It looks great and looks like it was made to look great next to an iPhone. But judging by the comments, it looks like it would only be good as an emergency backup system. Maybe to go hiking for a few days in the forest.