When you need to take a calming break at the office and can’t just go for a walk:

(via coudal)

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  1. the guidance is priceless!

  2. Impressive and beautifully done.

    But whatever you do, wherever you are, you shouldn’t have your calm moment nor your pause nor your break ‘ON SCREEN’.

    If society is transferred into social media, at least I hope this doesn’t happen to nature and to one’s peace of mind.

    Well… At least this is how I see it.

  3. Would be better if they used actual audio from the locations and not cheesy stock “nature sounds.”

    A lot of the audio makes no sense in the environment.

  4. Well it looks like they kinda stole my idea:
    No comment….

  5. I love it! It’s a much better thing to have up on your screen than email.

  6. Gergely – Is your merelax available as an app? Love it!