CreativeMornings Video: Jason Santa Maria

Jason Santa Maria was one of our two speakers at the Kickstarter Benefit CreativeMornings here in New York in October of 2012. Please do yourself a favor and watch his incredibly insightful talk on “Saying NO”.

A big thank you to Ben Hallman for taping and editing our CreativeMornings talks.

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  1. Love this talk. Ties in with something I am dealing with at the moment at work. I work for a boss so saying yes and no is their decision in terms of which projects we take on. They say yes to everything, then never see it thought and most of the projects do get completed but end up overrunning on time and budget and we as the business take the hit.

    You may so that well if we don’t plan properly it’s our fault and we should take the hit and yes I agree with you, but most of the time it’s actually that we take on the wrong clients. My boss sees the potential to make £ and he jumps at it.

    What Jason didn’t say so bluntly in the talk was its about your priorities. Do you value money over happiness? Do you car if you are proud of the work or just if you get money at the end?

  2. I car. I car a lot.

  3. Great talk. I just started saying “no” to projects (with toxic people). I think it is important to realize what types of projects are worth saying “yes” early on. If you keep having bad projects from the same client realize that it is not the project! It is the client and fire them. Moving on will allow you to find the time for better projects and opportunities. Free yourself!

    The project will never be good if the people behind them are crazy!