CreativeMornings Short with George Lois

Design legend George Lois ended his fantastic CreativeMornings talk with powerful advice for us creative types: It’s all about being courageous. Watch it, it’s only 1:40min.

(What do you think of this new format of us sharing CreativeMornings Shorts?)

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  1. great! “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage” Anais Nin

  2. This format is great. I find it hard to find time to watch 30-60 minute talks, even though I expect them to be excellent. I guess I have half a dozen CreativeMorning talks queued up in Instapaper.

  3. Thanks soo much for sharing this!

    With a plan and guts, you’ve got a good start on your journey…

  4. It has always been his courage that set him apart – very inspiring indeed!

  5. yay for shorts! 40min plus talks are hard to get to!

  6. Shorts are great! Sometimes a 2-3min summary of a video will make me want to sit through the full video if I know the content is relevant.

  7. regarding shorts: great!

  8. Thanks for bringing CM to the blog – nice, convenient snippet with easy access.

  9. Shorts = brilliant. Even in winter.

  10. Like the format. Could have integrated a few other snippets from the whole into this and blown the doors off. e.g. Same VO continues over some of his famous pieces like Ali and Warhol.)

  11. The shorts are perfect: great potent nuggets that go right into my head. Thanks!

  12. I think it’s great to have just a short scene… it makes me curious for more ;-)