Kids Sized Shopping Cart

This real kids sized shopping cart is the cutest thing. My kids love it.

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  1. I used to let me 3-year-old bring one of these to the grocery store during our weekly shopping trip. It slowed us down but was super cute and she loved it.

  2. In Norway,manye stores have these for the kids!

  3. learnιng to a kind that shoping its a game, its not exacly the best way to intoduce him to Llife

  4. Migros and Coop (Swiss supermarket chains) have them for kids – equipped with a pole and a flag on top so you don’t lose your assistants in the aisles…

  5. Please don’t take my comment as an offence, but – Yes, for some nations shopping is far more than a habit – it’s a religion.

  6. i understand that. Is just my greek heritage that give me a different prospective.

    i recommend this 2 classic books. they help me to understand the world better.

    -The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism (Sociology)
    -The Story of Art by E. H. Gombrich (Art)

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