Crazy Face Magneticbook

Magneticbook opens to reveal a blank face which can be customized with magnetic features. My kids would *love* this.

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  1. Forget the kids! I want to play with this. The graphics remind me of those wooden cube puzzles that you could turn and reassemble to show different faces. Extremely cool!

  2. Have it and my little one loves it! Highly recommend!

  3. We have the magnetic anatomy wall chart and a multi-layered wooden little girl puzzle (sort of similar to the anatomy wall chart, I guess, but smaller and made of wood).

    She loves both.

    The little girl puzzle (same company, Beleduc, right?) actually came from a Coop outside of Sion when I was going through several years ago.

    Oh, and we also have the magneti-book with the letters and an alphabet with illustrations.

    Well-built stuff and well thought-out as well.

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