For the past 6 months I have been using a Dopper Water Bottle. It has two different openings which really come in handy: I use the big one for filing the bottle and the small one to drinking from it. It’s super leight weight and thin enough to easily fit in my bag.

The Dopper is produced with a zero net footprint and is BPA-free. Your bottle is dishwasher-safe (up to 65 °C / 149 °F) and can easily be cleaned with a dishwashing brush.

The best part: Part of Dopper’s proceeds is put toward water projects in the developing country of Nepal, through the Dopper Foundation. Wells are being sunk and sewer systems and clean sanitary facilities are being installed by local contractors, thanks to your Dopper. To realize this, the Dopper Foundation has teamed up with Simavi and its local partners. Simavi devotes extra attention to mothers, because they play a key role in the health of their families.

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  1. That is one good looking bottle!

  2. Nice design and great idea! Only problem is, that I clicked to look at the app and there are apparently only 2 public water taps in the UK. I don’t think that many people have got involved over here. I’ve only just heard of this from you! Interesting indeed, I’m sharing this :) I’m a great drinker of tap water!

  3. On sale on FAB today! ♥

  4. Interessant for Arhus vand