Letters Puzzle

letters puzzle

Tilo’s recent obsession with everything ABC makes me want to splurge and buy this Wooden Letter Puzzle.

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  1. Wood puzzles can never be considered a splurge. They are necessities.

  2. oh love these, atticus is definitely obsessed with the ABC song!

  3. There is a huge difference between this one and the Hape one. The materials are completely different, and the wood used in the Hape version is much thinner. Plus the colors are stained rather than painted. The Land of Nod version also doubles as a block set. It is much more versatile and substantial!

  4. If you know someone with a laser cutter, you can make your own! It it may be cheaper AND you get to choose the typeface :] I made one for my nephews while I was still in school.

  5. enjoy all those letters disappearing one by one. :P

  6. My two years old son loves the alphabet too.
    I think I’m going to buy it.