Studiomates Scuttlebutt

studiomates scuttlebutt

I am quite excited to introduce something new here, the Studiomates Scuttlebutt.

Wesley Verhoeve mentioned recently how hard it is to keep track of all the interesting projects coming out of our coworking space Studiomates. The pro-active gentleman that he is, he gathered the most recent and newsworthy accomplishments and delivered them to me on a silver platter, so I can share them with you:

Fictive Kin launched Slash Purpose, an effort to get websites, apps, and products to share the “Why?” behind the project.

Josh Stewart‘s Farmstand app, connecting users with locally-grown food, was featured in the App Store’s Food and Drink section.

Laura Bohill designed Appysnap, a photo game app that just went live in the App Store.

– The folks at GNTLMN launched their re-design, announcing new handmade men’s accessories and events to come in the next few weeks.

Kio Stark released her Kickstarter-backed book, “Don’t Go Back to School: a handbook for learning anything”, and is mailing out, by hand, about a 1000 books, by hand.

– Fifty CreativeMornings chapters will host events for May’s global theme: “Backwards”.

Kisha Bari and friends won the Tribeca Film Festival award for Transmedia last week for their project Sandy Storyline.

– Next week, TeuxDeux launches a Little Printer publication, which allows users to receive a printed list of their todos using Berg’s Little Printer.

Yoko Sakao Ohama and her friend Ken Quemuell announced At The Same Damn Time, a design project that illustrates a different song title every day.

– Marco Arment’s The Magazine published a history of Josh Clark‘s “Couch to 5k (c25k)” running plan.

– The folks at Symbolset released SS Steedicons.

– The folks at Oak had their app Blue featured in the App Store. Oak’s Skylar and Sawyer were also interviewed about their new project Gazette on Execute’s inaugural podcast.

Kary Campbell designed and coded a custom subreddit called “Social Citizens” for Collaborative Fund.

Jessi Arrington opened Typo San Francisco with a very personal talk on embracing your “you-ness.”

– Dan Blackman and Oak collaborated on the recently launched app Pizza Compass, which lets you find the slice nearest to you.

See you next month!

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  1. Let’s make a twitter list, too!

  2. So much happens in a month!