map² – The Zoomable Paper Map

Unfold to zoom: map² is a smartly designed paper map that lets you zoom in to a more detailed view without going digital. Interactive yet tactile = total win! You can currently purchase one for London and Berlin. Next one up is New York, if their current Kickstarter campaign is successful.

(Thanks Anne)

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  1. Incredible concept! Love the simplicity!

  2. I LOVE this! Such a brilliant idea!

  3. This is fantastic! :D

  4. since I love maps – like, real paper maps – and refuse to give them up, I LOVE this idea!

  5. Simple and smart! Love it!

  6. When ready for Brussels, call me, Email me, but DO something. Waiting for selling this.

  7. Muy creativo, simple y práctico. Seguramente han pensado en las grandes ciudades, incluida Buenos Aires

  8. PLEASE make this for hiking maps!