♥ / Gifpop

A big thank you to Gifpop for sponsoring this week’s RSS Feed.

Gifpop is an exciting new way to make custom cards from animated gifs, using the magic of lenticular printing. We think gifs are awesome — they’re funny, they’re beautiful, and they capture tiny moments in ways words can’t express. With Gifpop, you can simply upload your favorite gif (or Vine or Instagram) and order it as a unique card in a variety of sizes, starting at only $12!

We’re also working with some amazing gif artists this season to produce super high resolution runs of their work, and giving them 80% of the profits! Check out prints from Mr. Div, Dvdp, 89-A, Lulinternet, Patakk, Pixelfucks, or Hateplow starting at only $20 each.

Visit us and make your own gif, or bring some amazing digital art into your life at Gifpop.io. This week only, Swiss Miss readers save 10% off any order with the discount code “SWISSGIF” at checkout.

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