Shots Of Awe, where science, philosophy, and inspiration collide, by Jason Silva.

“We have a responsibility to awe!”
– Jason Silva

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  1. I can’t take words seriously that are wrapped in shiny, flavor enhanced stock footage and almost drowned in heartrending movie soundtracks, as if they were not good enough to be spoken with simple conviction. Am i the only one seeing the irony in being encouraged to awe while getting the concentrate of video wonderland shoved down the throat?

  2. I take more issue with the way the guy is saying those amazing words. It seems insincere especially in combination with the stock footage and music. The guy feels like a stock “excited for science” hip guy.

  3. This is just Double Rainbow guy… with a thesaurus.

  4. @Mattie;

    “A Sock “Excited for Science” Hip Guy” is the best description
    I heard of this guy by far.