Stop shooting, We love you

(the sound is not all that good, just hang in there, trust me, it’s worth it)

Wow. This is hands down one of the most powerful talks of CreativeMornings’ month around Bravery: Vanessa German speaks at our Pittsburgh chapter on how love is the only way to stop violence and hate. Everything she knows about bravery, she says, she learned through love and love is what is helping her stop the shootings in her neighborhood.

Vanessa is an actress, playwright, sculptor, performer and educator. She is the founder of, “Love Front Porch” and Homewood’s Art House, and the “STOP SHOOTING, WE LOVE YOU” yard signs.

Vanessa German is one brave woman.

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  1. Love can do anything, condition is that you really want to deliver love, from your heart. Talking about love is not enough, you have to show with your deeds.

  2. Great presentation and mission. Are there any statistics from the local police regarding the decrease in violence (reported incidents, deaths, etc.)? Or are the signs mostly meant to influence the next generation? I couldn’t find any information on the “Love Front Porch” website.

  3. Aaaaa so deep. And wonderful!

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