Mario The Magician

mario the magicianmario the magician

A few weeks before my son turned four, he expressed the wish of having a magician at his party. We had Looney Louie the year before, so I felt challenged to find a new magician. So, down I went a Google rabbit hole. Let me tell you, there are *a lot* of frightening magician websites out there. (someone’s gotta tell them about Squarespace) And then, I stumbled on Mario.

My son’s magician dreams came true when Mario showed up at our house on February 14th. He was fantastic, a magician at heart. Magic is his labor of love and it shines through in his performance.

I’ve learned that in addition to the hundreds of private performances he does every year, he is involved in a publication of a children’s magic card tricks book for Barnes & Noble and is performing for Lincoln Center. I am not surprised by his Magician success.

In 2012, filmmaker Kal created a short film about Mario, entitled Building Magic. In August of 2013, a successful Kickstarter campaign secured funding to extend Building Magic into a feature length film. Filming is currently underway, and the film is expected to be complete and ready for the film festival circuit in 2014. Here’s the trailer:

If you’re ever thinking of hiring a magician in NYC, consider Mario. Tilo and Ella couldn’t stop talking about his performance. And look at me, I am writing about it. He’s truly magic.

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  1. Hello Swissmiss

    I am a conjurer myself and it is amazing how bad the online presence quality of magicians are. Even the big and famous ones don’t do it properly.

    You made a fine pick with Mario and it is great that you are featuring him on your blog. Such endorsements really help our profession.

    I try to do things better with my website,, and it really helps getting new clients. Your article actually inspired me to spread the word. I wrote to one of the biggest professional magazines for magicians (magic magazine), what great options you have nowadays to get a decent website.

    Let’s hope it gets printed in the readers section and that at least some try to get a better online presence. Keep up your great and inspiring work.

    Best regards from Zürich

    PS: Good children magicians are rare and when I see the photos you posted I am so hoppy your little birthday guests had a great time. If you hear the story of almost any professional they got into the art after seeing a good magician as a kid.

  2. Oh Tina! You may have just solved my “what to do for Remy’s birthday” issue!

  3. Mario (and Katie) are the best. We’ve been supporting each other for years. He has done 3 years of parties for us and each one has been amazing. It will be one of the best days of your year if you use him for a party.

  4. Everything about that video made me happy.

  5. We LOVE Mario! So glad you’ve found him too! Psyched for his movie. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi,

    I am a 10 year old magician in VA and love your magic

  7. “magic is creating a moment for someone else” <3