I just discovered Float. And wish I would have heard of it when I still ran my own design studio. It looks like a fantastic way to keep track on who is working now what within a company, especially a project/service oriented studio? Do you use it? Or something similar?

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  1. We used it a long time but switched to Forecast by Harvest recently.

  2. Also using Forecast. Well…I use it. My boss is an idiot.

  3. Float rocks! Been using it the last 6 months to manage our studio and the team love it.

  4. We use it at our agency & it’s been great! It helps the team to manage their own projects & helps the Traffic Manager to schedule w/an accurate view of the teams bandwidth.

  5. I use Wrike with rabid addiction; can’t image life without their Gantt chart view, and about to upgrade to modify for my content production company’s different functions and creative pipelines. That said, I have clients who considered it too powerful – yet wanted more than Basecamp. Look forward to checking out Float for them as the potential Goldilocks of PM platforms.

  6. Float has been awesome for us. Best interface going around. We looked into others, Forecast was way too basic and expensive for what it is.

  7. We’ve been using it at our rapidly growing digital agency and found it to be a mixed bag. The UI is fine for smaller groups, but once you get above a certain number of employees it becomes cumbersome. There are filters for teams/projects, but they apply to work undertaken rather than individuals. (For example, if someone’s slated to start on a project shortly but they have a holiday coming up, filtering by the project will show their allotted project time but not their holiday.)

  8. We use Wethod which is more integrated and enable a self organizing attitude. Moreover it solves one big issue all other tools have: il allows to schedule the amount of time that has been budgeted. Pretty simple but powerful.