The Isolator

The Isolator

Woah! The Isolator: A helmet invented in 1925 that encourages focus and concentration. We all need this.

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  1. Hello Swiss Miss! Love your website! I notice this post that encourages focus and concentration! Have you ever heard of the 52/17 rule? Please check out my site! it helps focus and increases productivity! Let me know what you think!

  2. Gernsback’s one of the founding parents of ‘scientifiction,’ or science fiction

  3. Haha, I suppose it would encourage focus and concentration until the weight of it created uncomfortable pressure on the shoulders, and the field of vision made on claustrophobic. But that’s the adult poo-pooer in me. The kid me says: it looks like a soft octopus head in which us introverts can hide.

  4. amusant on vient de le voir dans un épisode de la série Elementary