The Economy of Generosity

The above video is me asking the 600 people CreativeMornings NYC audience at our most recent event to support CreativeMornings and its volunteers.

I am being told on a daily basis that the business model I have set CreativeMornings up on, is bound to fail. CreativeMornings is fueled and can grow because of the generosity of companies that believe in this creative community, our global partners Mailchimp, Freshbooks and Shutterstock. And, only for the second time in 7.5 years, we are asking our community for help.

I believe in the economy of generosity and that it can sustain an organization like CreativeMornings. If you do too, show your support, over on our CreativeMornings Kickstarter.

We reached our goal yesterday, which means we can secure a venue for our Organizer summit, but now, we need to raise money for AV equipment, chairs, food etc. Support the volunteers that put on thousands of events every year. It all will come back to you, in form of even better CreativeMornings events in your local city.