Friday Link Pack

My Year in Startup Hell, by Dan Lyons (via)

– I probably will never use this but fun idea: Sayable allows you to send a link with an easy to remember phrase (via)

– This Glue Gun Pin is so stinking adorable!

When Friends Are ‘Like Family’

– I keep coming back to the modular Brickbox Shelving system. One day, I’ll furnish a room with it. One day.

30 Things You Can Get Squeaky Clean with a Toothbrush

– This made me laugh: The World’s First Denim Drone Delivery. Also, love the ethos and values behind Hiut Denim Co. In an ideal world I’d only buy products that are created by people with values I believe in. David and his team are that.

– Instagram and the Cult of the Attention Web: How the Free Internet is Eating Itself

– I have one of these Monstera plants in my home and it makes me ridiculously happy.

Magnetic Kitchen Accessories.

– I want this sweater in my size: Fox on a bike with clouds.

– The Cactus Pillow made me chuckle.

I am a scientist. Neil deGrasse Tyson speaking on whether he is an atheist or not.

– I’d be ok checking things off on this to-do-list notepad by Rifle?

– There is something beautiful about a classic water carafe.

re.bin is a clever simple recycling bin.

– Designer turns a Mondrian painting into a playable Pong game. Fun.

– You can now watch 99U talks with their new Apple TV App.

Eerie compilation of deep sea creatures with unusual eyes.

– The new Philodendron Monstera Leaf Tattly by French watercolor artist Vincent Jeannerot is my new favorite. Buy one before end of day Sunday and you might be the winner of this beautiful print.

– Supercool job alert: The Whitney Museum in NYC is looking to hire a Web Developer.

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  1. Listened to Neil Tyson’s explanation and I found it amusing that while he eschews being labeled, he’s pretty quick to label atheists with what he supposedly observes about atheists he knows.

    No, Neil, atheists are not all in-your-face trying to change your opinion about god. Belief is not something you choose. I didn’t choose to be an atheist, I just am. If I decided one day that I wanted to believe in god, I couldn’t. I could pretend, but it would be a lie.

    If you’re afraid of being tarnished by the label, try to change people’s perception of the label, rather than running from the label. But, you know, whatever. I’d never presume to try and change your mind.

  2. “When friends are like family” – by Deborah Tannen!

    Her books ‘That’s not what I meant!’ and ‘You just don’t understand!’ were complete eye openers for me.